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Cedega is a website that is dedicated to providing accurate information about the Cedega software which was used by Linux gamers to run Windows games on the Linux platform. The software itself is no longer in use today. It was retired in 2011, a few years after it changed its name to Cedega. Initially, the software was referred to as WineX simply because it was built from the open source software Wine.

There is a wealth of information that you can find on our website as highlighted below. This is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to know more about transgaming, Linux games and the general truth about Cedega.

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Cedega’s Role In Transgaming

If you have been a Linux gamer for many years, you will obviously admit to the fact that more games are available on Windows than on the Linux platform.

Who Made This Possible?

There are many companies that played a huge role in making transgaming a reality.

Wine And Cedega

Before giving too much praise to Cedega, there is every need to acknowledge the existence of Wine.

Unique Tool For Transgaming

Even though Wine literally gave birth to Cedega, it did not dictate the future of Cedega.

Cedega – Main Features

It came with a wide range of features that made it suitable for use as a tool for running Windows games.

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Recent Articles

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Cedega Game Archives

Today, Cedega is no more but it is still fresh in the minds of gamers who relied on the two for playing Windows games on Linux platforms. Today, it may not enjoy a lot of attention from gamers across the globe, but it is still in the memories of most old gamers.

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