Best Linux Gaming Distributions In 2017

Best Linux Gaming Distributions In 2017

The Linux gaming community has evolved at an amazing pace. But, the height of the Linux gaming world is only drawing to its date of arrival following the coming of game distros. Over the years, many game distros have emerged on the market both for the Windows and the Linux platform.??This has somewhat made it hard for gamers to know which distros to go for.

If you are a Linux gamer and you are wondering which Linux gaming distros are worth giving attention to, follow the information below.

First of all, you must bear in mind the fact that choosing a Linux gaming distro often depends on a number of factors. But, the most important things worth bearing in mind are support for drivers and the update frequency. This is mainly because the drivers affect the long-term efficiency of distros, while the update frequency ensures that the short-term performance is acceptable to the user. Aside from this, you also have to take into account your previous experience with distros. It is generally recommended to stick to the distros you are familiar with as they are likely to be easier to optimise.

Now that you know what matters when choosing Linux distributions, it is time to look at the best distros for the year 2017.

“This means that all the features of the SteamOS are present and accessible by default.”


Over the years, SteamOS has grown to become one of the most dominant distros for Linux across the entire Linux gaming community. For the year 2017, it still dominates the list of the best Linux distributions based on a number of reasons. One of the main reasons that can account for this is the fact that SteamOS comes preinstalled. This means that all the features of the SteamOS are present and accessible by default.

But, you need to have a machine with basic features, especially Intel or AMD processor, RAM capacity of at least 4 GB and graphics card of the order NVIDIA, AMD or Intel along with at least 250 GB of hard drive space.

“Like SteamOS, this is a Debian-based distro.”

Sparky Linux-The Game Over Edition

Like SteamOS, this is a Debian-based distro. Its interface is amazing and allows for a smooth installation of gaming tools ranging from consoles, emulators and other tools.

It features a wide range of preinstalled open source Linux games which you can enjoy.

The distro also comes with a tool referred to as APTus Gamer which makes the use of the distro more convenient.

“It is lightweight and thus compatible with most machines.”

Lakka OS

This is a very unique distro which has the capacity to transform a computer into a complete game console. It is lightweight and thus compatible with most machines. Its base is OpenELEC. All its emulators are aggregated with the best optimisation tools leading to smooth and optimal operation during gaming.

It also supports wireless joypads, shaders, multiplayer features and Savestates.

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