The Best Linux Gaming Distributions For 2019

The Best Linux Gaming Distributions For 2019

With the coming of Linux gaming distros, Linux user would be able to play different types of online games. These gaming distributions are designed especially for gamers. These distributions also provide drives for the graphics card, controllers and other gaming accessories. These make it convenient for gamers to install their games very easily. There are many tools available in the market that allows the games of the window to run on Linux OS. Mentioned below are some of the best Linux gaming distributions in 2019.

Steam OS

This Linux distro is one of the most famous gaming distros. Steam OS is maintained and developed by Valve. This distro uses GENOME Desktop Environment. It is fully optimized for convenient access to the Joystick and Keyboard. For installing this distro, the gamer would require RAM memory more than 4 GB with a storage capacity of 200 GB or more.

This distro supports various types of Graphics Cards and have a very smooth user interface. With the installation of Steam OS, the gamer would be able to access a huge collection of steam Games.

Ubuntu Game Pack

This distro is based on the Ubuntu operating system. This gaming distribution does not have any pre-installed games like other distros. But this distro comes preinstalled with various tools that would enable window-based games to run on Linux platform. It has Wine, Lutris, PlayOnLinux and Steam Client.

This distro is a kind of hybrid OS as Ubuntu Game Pack also supports Java, Adobe Flash, and Oracle. This would enable the gamer to play online games on the Linux platform.

Lakka OS

This distro is different from other distros. Lakka OS is a type of lightweight Linux gaming distro which is able to convert the computer into a gaming console. This distro has RetroArch Desktop Environment. This distro is capable of emulating different types of consoles.

These consoles are compiled in such a way so that Lakka OS would be able to run the game in a more efficient and smoother way. This distro supports various kinds of hardware and is recognizable by many joysticks. Some of the key features of this distro are Savestates, Multiplayer, Shaders, Rewind, Wireless Joypads, and Netplay.


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The above-given list is only some of the examples of best Linux Gaming Distributions that are best for the year of 2019. These distros would be a great help to those gamers who use Linux as the operating system. Thus, if you are using a Linux system and want to play games, these distros are the solution to your problems.

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